Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Primark beauty haul

Primark have added loads of  products to their beauty range recently. I repurchased a couple of my favourites, the fashion nails and sultry lashes, they are such a steal at only £1 each!! I always seems to pick up a pair of lashes everytime I go to Primark because even if you just use them once its hardly breaking the bank. Also, these lashes are perfect for using on other people, especially for a makeup kit or special occasion.

The lashes set and lipstick are both new additions to the beauty range and I am so excited to try them. The set of four different lashes was only £3! That's amazing value considering they are all different, works out at around 75p a pair so a little cheaper than the normal individual strip lashes. I'm pretty tempted to go and pick a few more sets of these up if I like them.

The lipstick is a lovely beige pink colour and was £1.50, I think this is a reasonable price for a lipstick. To be honest I picked this up on a whim to see what the new lipsticks are like so I'm not expecting amazing results but who knows it might surprise me!

I really recommend the Primark beauty range, especially for the strip lashes as with a good glue they can give a lovely finish and there are a few styles to pick from. I will update on how I get on with these products in another post soon.

Have you tried the Primark beauty range?


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