Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Favourite MAC lipsticks for spring/summer

    (L-R) Girl about town// Impassioned// Snob//Viva glam II
I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of MAC lipsticks over the last few months. I definitely reached for certain lipsticks in the winter months, Rebel by MAC being a favourite as it suited the darker autumnal colours. However, for spring and summer I normally choose brights and nudes for an easy pop of colour or  something nice and neutral to compliment an outfit.
Girl About Town- This is a lovely bright pink with blue undertones which really brightens and whitens my smile. I normally reach for this on nights out, or if I feel a bit 'Bleh' and need a pick-me-up. Since it is so bright I normally reserve it for summer or nights out, but if I'm feeling daring I might wear this during winter.
Impassioned-  I love the warm corals tones of this Impassioned. It is amplified crème like Girl about town so looks really bright and vivid on the lips. This is a lipstick I picked up last summer before my holiday in duty free and I think it was a really good buy as I got loads of wear out of it on holiday, and it lasted amazingly in the sweaty temperatures of Turkey, Bonus!
Snob- I find this lipstick only really suits me in the summer as I tend to be (slightly) less pale. Because it has lilac and blue undertones It can make certain skin tones look a bit sickly and ill. If applied correctly though this can look lovely! I like to wear only a sheer application and put a lipgloss or lip balm over the top. A good drug store dupe for this lipstick is 'Pink pout' by Revlon and is much more affordable for people on a budget.
Viva Glam II- I only recently purchased Viva Glam but it has already become a firm favourite. It suits me when I have a tan and when I'm pale so its in a winner in my eyes. I have been looking for a nice nude for quite some time, I have more pinky ones and some brown toned nude lipsticks but this one seems to combine the best of both.
Which MAC lipsticks have you been liking for spring and summer?

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